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Why pay hundreds and wait weeks to have your carbon fiber frame repaired.

With Carbon Guard, you pay a one time fee of $149.99 and have your carbon fiber frame repaired within 7 days.

Carbon Guard can be applied to the following:

New carbon fiber bike purchases (within 24 hours, proof of purchase required), 

Previously acquired bikes with the verification of a certified shop or by CFS.

Insurance plan:

$149.99 one time fee*

Stage 1 and Stage 2 cracks, all colors are included along with one (1) standard decal

                                                                               1st crack:   No charge

                                                                               2nd crack:  50% off

                                                                               3rd crack:  25%off

                                                                              4th+ crack: 10% off

*Does not cover Stage 3 cracks (severed frame), however $49.99 will be deducted from final bill.

All crack submissions must be filled out and submitted using this Bike repair form.

Cervelo rear drop out full composite rebuild

Cervelo P2 seat tube

Cervelo P2 top tube

Specialized top tube

Specialized seat tube and drop out
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